Our Company: General Construction since 1948

Agribeton Ltd. has dealt in general construction since 1948. The company operates especially in the industrialized building sector and owns a plant for the production of prefabricated elements made of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete.

Our company is constantly active in valuable works, in which extensive technical expertise is specifically requested.

Over the years Agribeton Ltd. has gained considerable organizational and engineering experience in the construction of a wide range of works. However, the company has particularly focused its activity on the construction of industrial plants, shopping centres, infrastructure, and fashion outlets.

Our strengths are:


To carry out the different parts of the construction work, from the foundations to the other building works, Agribeton Ltd. employs its own installation team, composed of skilled craftsmen, its own vehicles and crane lorries. This guarantees a fast and flexible action and allows the company to meet the deadline of the execution time.


Each project run by Agribeton Ltd. involves a considerable effort by technical, managerial, and operational staff in order to fulfil clients’ requirements and to meet the execution deadline.


Our company has always adopted advanced technologies for the construction of the commissioned works. The highest quality and safety standards have constantly been taken into account.

What we do

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We carry out civil and industrial works, multifunctional trade centres, residential and office buildings, public and restoration works. Every project is implemented  with the option ‘General Contractor’ that means the commitment to deliver a ‘turnkey’ immovable property.



Agribeton Ltd. with its own technical department can project (calculate and design) all the different parts of the work without the aid of external engineers. This allows the company to provide both the production plant and the construction site with all the technical designs necessary to the punctual progress of the work.

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Interior Design

In order to deliver a ‘turnkey’ property Agribeton, at the customer’s request, can propose interior design solutions. Each choice is analysed in full details and particular attention is paid to the aesthetic and functional aspects.

Cutting edge technology

The extension of Noventa Outlet (an important fashion outlet near Venice) and the nearby new car park is one of the latest Agribeton projects and pride for the company considering the technological, architectural and engineering solutions adopted.


Design and prefabricated assembly

Agribeton produces prefabricated concrete structures that are suitable to many types of construction. The company can deliver and assemble them according to clients’ specific requests or instructions.


Last Projects

We work all over Italy

The experience we have gained over the years has led us to carry out important projects throughout Italy and abroad