The construction companywas born in Veneto in 1948


Alfredo Ricci, born in 1888, after having fought the First World War as officer of the Royal Italian Army with the rank of Lieutenant, also in the bloody battle of Col di Lana, graduated in civil engineering at the University of Bologna in 1920.
Father of the founders and active supporter of the new activity that would soon be undertaken, the nephew, N.H. Federigo Sammartini to make available a part of the adjacency of Palazzo Balbi Valier in the historic center of Pieve di Soligo, in the province of Treviso.

It was the year 1948, the reconstruction of the town was starting and AGRIBETON CEMENTI ARMATI CENTRIFUGATI also came to life.

The engineer had the fortunate intuition, highly innovative for the time, of manufacturing vineyard poles in centrifuged reinforced concrete much more suitable to meet the needs of agricultural entrepreneurs in the Prosecco hills.

In recent years, the company’s activity continues with the design and construction of the hydro-electric system located close to the Priula Bridge.

The idea was so successful that one of Agribeton’s first customers was the Count of Collalto who in his agricultural estate in Susegana experimented with the most modern means of production and cultivation that would bring so much fame to his cellars.

Agribeton in the 1960s

In the 1960s the business consolidation activity continued through the construction of numerous works, including the construction of the large spillway of the Marzanego river.The canal will prove to be a very important hydraulic work from an engineering and technical point of view because it has the function of capturing the waters of the Marzanego, near Mestre and discharging them into the Osellino canal, near Tessera, thus managing to protect the city from any floods of the river.

Agribeton today

Agribeton has managed to expand its industrial reality and establish itself as a S.p.A. in 1974.
Thanks to a state-of-the-art technical and engineering department, orders also begin to arrive from abroad, so much so that in 2010, on the occasion of an important work carried out in Austria, the management of the company decided to give life to the company Agmanbau GmbH with the intent to create a specific sector dedicated to foreign orders.

Today Agribeton S.p.A. continues to uphold the values ​​that have always been its strong point: WORK, SOLIDITY, INNOVATION.