The Multifunctional Center in Treviso is one of the best examples of the great versatility of AGRIBETON. The structure was built both with “traditional” construction methods and with prefabricated elements. Given the particular location of the work, the historic center of Treviso, and its size (about 7,500 square meters), the management of the logistical aspect was fundamental.

The Center is made up of two office blocks where important companies and associations are located and a large parking lot consisting of 15 semi-levels including underground levels. With around 600 parking spaces, the car park is also a service to the community.

CUSTOMERMUNICIPALITY OF TREVISOWORK STARTJune 2012TYPEInfrastructure directionalLOCATIONViale Fratelli Bandiera, 1, 31100 Treviso TVAREA7.500 m2