With the conservative restoration of Ca ‘Rinaldi, the historic Treviso building located in the central Piazza Rinaldi (which became public only in the 19th century), and overlooking the famous Buranelli canal, a stone’s throw from Piazza dei Signori, AGRIBETON has carried out a scrupulous intervention which concerned both the structural part of the ancient dwelling dating back to 1400, and the floors called “Venetian terraces”.

Furthermore, the restoration also involved the marbles, the wonderful stuccos, the cassenonate ceilings in the “Sansovina” style, and finally the frescoes, the most famous of which represents the “Fall of Phaeton” created by the Bolognese artist Pier Antonio Torri, in the second half of the seventeenth century.
Palazzo Rinaldi has been declared a National Monument.

CUSTOMERPRIVATEWORK STARTJune 2010TYPEPublic works and restorationsLOCATIONP.za Rinaldi, 31100 Treviso TVAREA1.600 m2